Blind Billy Blue Bio

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Blind Billy Blue has always had music in his blood. Hes been singing his whole life but now that he’s found the blues, Billy is finally feeding his soul right. Billy has a background performing classical, jazz and sacred music, in his own words, he spent much of his adult life only singing atweddings, funerals, Christmas, and Easter.


A couple years ago Billy was going through some real tough times and a friend told him he needed to find a way tofeed your soul.” So Billy turned to his music. In 2017, Billy started singing a little karaoke around town and that led to a friend hooking Billy into local bluegrass jams. Surrounded by talented bluegrass musicians, Billy discovered a new place to explore his powerful voice    and got inspired to start messing around with the harmonica a few months later. Billy finally found his way to his first blues jam in early 2018.  


Did Blind Billy Blue finally find the blues or did the blues finally find Billy, it doesnt matter cause he knows he’s found his way home.


And when you hear Blind Billy Blue singin' and playin' the blues, so will you!Add text